BTC Health

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BTC health is an ASX-listed company with a vision to be a leading supplier of specialized medical products in Australia and New Zealand. Our mission is to deliver better patient outcomes by providing access to the best specialized therapeutics and medical devices from around the world.

BTC health product range:

  • The ambIT® Infusion is a cost-effective system that performs to the same high standards held by large digital fluid pumps while staying ambulatory. The ambIT® infusion pumps provide patients, doctors and hospitals a portable, flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional stationary pumps.
  • The Eldor CSEN wound catheter kits are specialised fenestrated catheters for infusion of local anaesthetic into surgical sites and nerve blocks for post-operative pain management. The systems are compatible with elastomeric infusion devices and electronic infusion pumps. This provides our customers with the choice of flexible kits of varying sizes to suit different clinical applications, which are economical and with proven clinical efficiency.

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