Ian Sandbrook

Session | Culture
Why emotion matters

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Ian has over 15 years leadership experience in the sports industry across NZ, Australia and the UK, predominantly in the areas of community sport and organisational/team culture.

He has Sports Management and Business Degrees through Massey University, is a qualified performance level coach and tutor, and is a trained facilitator in emotional culture development.

Ian returned to NZ in 2018 and set up his own consultancy, Sport for Good Consulting, providing innovative sports development and organisational culture support to sporting organisations around the world.

Why emotion matters

Why does emotion matter? Surely we don’t want to bring our ‘emotions’ to work? Shouldn’t we just ‘suck it up’ and get on with it?

Most workplaces pay little or no attention to how their people are, or should be, feeling. However, an ‘emotional culture’ exists within your team or workplace whether you like it or not – and it’s having a direct impact on satisfaction, retention and performance.

This session will share a personal account, and the research behind, why managing emotions within the workplace does matter.