Dr Joanna Sinclair

Session | Welfare

Playing the long game: Long-term strategies for staff well-being

NZSA speaker Sinclair bio

Dr Joanna Sinclair is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Counties Manukau Health in Auckland. She has a career-long interest in doctors’ health and wellbeing and, in addition to being a wellbeing advocate in her own department, sits on the ANZCA Wellbeing SIG Executive Committee and chairs the Long Lives, Healthy Workplaces Toolkit Implementation Committee. This year, she began a new role at Counties, working out of the Human Resources department part time as SMO Wellbeing Advisor. She is the hospital lead for the Health Roundtable Workplace Wellbeing Improvement Group as part of this role, working to improve staff wellbeing at an organisational level. Outside of work, Joanna is at the beck and call of two gorgeous greyhounds, two busy tweens and a long suffering husband!

Playing the long game: Long-term strategies for staff well-being

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the profile of healthcare worker wellbeing with a focus on acute support in a crisis. Unfortunately, as they say, this looks like a marathon rather than a sprint, and so it remains important to think about how we embed longer term wellbeing initiatives in our healthcare workplaces, in order to better manage prolonged stress, as well as the day to day challenges of working in healthcare. If we prioritise staff wellbeing strategies as business as usual for our organisations, then we will be in a much better place to see our staff through these large scale crises. There is also evidence for a significant return on investment for staff wellbeing expenditure, along with a host of other benefits for both staff and patients.

This presentation will focus on why we need to invest in the wellbeing of our medical workforce, some strategies for starting on that journey in your department or hospital, and will provide an overview of some of the strategies we are pursuing at Counties Manukau Health.