Dr Doug Campbell

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Perioperative blood pressure management

NZSA speaker Campbell bio

Dr Doug Campbell is a specialist anaesthetist at Auckland City Hospital. His research interests are ischaemic stroke, database and outcomes research. He was a Balanced and NeuroVision trial co-investigator and is principal investigator for the MASTERSTROKE trial, a trial looking at blood pressure targets in ischaemic stroke. He is a site investigator for POISE-3 and is involved in the planning for a future large trial of blood pressure management in a perioperative setting.

Perioperative blood pressure management

Understanding and managing the physiology of the surgical patient in the perioperative is one of the key roles of anaesthetists. Derangement of cardiovascular physiology can lead to adverse cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and neurological outcomes. This presentation will summarise and review current thinking in relevant areas

  • appropriate definitions
  • relevant intra-operative and postoperative physiological targets
  • review of some important physiological principles
  • absolute v relative BP targeting
  • therapeutic strategies and placement
  • future monitoring strategies
  • role of perioperative physicians
  • review of current and future research directions

The primary aim of the presentation is to outline current areas of concern and a pathway to improvement in perioperative haemodynamic management.